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Realtek RTL8192E

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Realtek RTL8192E

  • Chipset: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8192 (rev 01)
  • pciid: 10EC:8192
  • Driver: in the zip file, extract the folder : \RTL819xP_Driver\WinXP



The linux driver is included in the linux kernel from 2.6.32 and above. 
You don't need ndiswrapper/windows driver if your kernel is 2.6.32 or above.
  • I am trying to run Ubuntu on my new Samsung R620 laptop.NDisWrapper was installed OK and I registered the driver

that i'd downloaded as per above. It shows up correctly in 'lshw'. The connection seems to be not as reliable as in Windows, however. Perhaps that's because I have Windows Vista but I use the XP driver with Ndiswrapper/Ubuntu.

  • With Slitaz 3.0 or cooking, on my Samsung N140, the windows driver works fine using "tazndis" (wireless manager>Drivers> Install Windows driver)