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Asus WL-138G

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Asus WL-138G, 54mbps

  • Chipset: Marvell W8300
  • pciid: 11ab:1fa6 (rev 07)
  • Driver: CDROM, ASUS

Works with amd64 and 64 bits driver taken here: ftp://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/lan/wifi-g/WIFI_V2712_64bit.zip


Works well with Ndiswrapper 1.0 and CDROM WinXP driver on Gentoo with Kernel 2.6.11. ASUS Downloaded driver fails.; Problems with new driver versions and ndiswrapper 1.x (System Freeze), but the driver on CD mrv8k51 (ASUS,12/24/2003, works fine with ndiswrapper 1.5 (1.6rc2 is more stable) on linux and 16kstacks (I will test if it works without the 16k patch). Works better with win98 driver for the card D-Link DWL-G510 [ ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Wireless/dwlg510/Drivers/dwlg510_driver_100.zip ] (manual directory).

Ubuntu Dapper comes with a native, but not working Marvell driver. To use ndiswrapper, you must prevent it from loading at boot, e.g. by removing the mrv8k.ko file from /lib/modules/...kernel.... The DLink Win98 driver works, but I see a few system freezes. Using the newer, downloaded Asus Win98 driver (after renaming mrv8ka50.sys to mrv8ka51.sys) the system often hangs at boot, but is more stable afterwards. With both drivers, booting is slow.