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  • * [[:Category:Company|List of Companies]] with devices listed on this wiki. Each company's page lists * [[:Category:WORKS|List of known WORKING devices]]
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  • This is a list of network cards in alphabetical order.
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  • ...e do NOT add information about cards/chipsets here add such information to List instead. ...the normal "ndiswrapper -i" mechanism and if it works, let devel-list at arklinux dot org know so we can package the driver for other users of th
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  • # Make sure you are using one of the drivers in the wiki List, not from your card vendor or CD. Not all drivers for all cards are tested. # If you have to use a driver not in the wiki List because you are using a device that is not yet known to work, include web l
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  • ...see if make uninstall fails to remove anything and report that to mailing list or forums. ...directory. If you want to uninstall just a specific Windows driver, first list the drivers installed with ndiswrapper -l. If you then want to remove, say,
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  • ...the card, then check if wlan0 interface is present: ‘iwconfig’ should list wlan0 interface. Depending on other drivers and cards, this may be wlan1 or .../buggy driver ( ala Belkin F5D6020 PCMCIA card). In such cases look at the List page for workarounds/solutions before giving up on your hardware. If your w
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  • ...our chipset on List don’t work, but a different driver works, update the List. ...your chipset is not on the list, but it works with ndiswrapper, add it to List.
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  • ...e to get the device id from root prompt type lspci -n at the bottom of the list is the belkin card card ID info 1799:701f write this down you will need it
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  • ...d. In the meantime, please email your contributions to ndiswrapper mailing list (ndiswrapper-general@lists.sourceforge.net).'''
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  • ...s ""FCC ID: PY3WG111V2"". Maybe the chipset is same as other WG111 on this list, how to confirm?. I've experienced a system lockup when removing the device
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  • ...There's an UNIMPLEMENTED warning which looks serious, but from the mailing list archive can apparently be ignored. AP is Linksys WAG354G.
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  • ...o Systems: Unknown device 2120. I originally spotted this one on a support list for ndis under the Linksys brand.
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  • If this is the case, when you list installed drivers, you will see an output similar to this:
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  • I can list the wifis are in my neighborhood and join but 5 minutes later the system fr
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  • ...g ndiswrapper 0.10-1 from debian repository, drivers from ndiswrapper card list didn't work (everything seemed to be fine, but no networks were found).
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  • ...e models easy. The usage of display, too much photos, and complicated food list is not going to convert properly to a mobile foundation. Keep the webpage c
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  • ...make your models simple. Using display, extreme graphics, and complex food list is not going to translate properly to your mobile program. Keep your page c
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  • ...tterns easy. The use of display, abnormal graphics, and sophisticated food list will not convert well into a cellular program. Make your site neat and easy
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  • ...e your patterns simple. Using display, too much graphics, and complex food list will not translate properly into a portable platform. Keep the web page cle
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  • ...p the models simple. The use of flash, abnormal graphics, and complex food list will not convert properly into a cellular program. Make your page neat and
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