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Truckstop C130

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Truckstop C130 PCMCIA card INPROCOMM IPN2120

  • Chipset: INPROCOMM IPN2120
  • pciid: 17fe:2120
  • Driver: ndis 1.1-4 w packaged WinXP driver and kernel 2.6.11 on Debian unstable


Truckstop.net went into litigation so the cards can be had for $10. The driver can be had from http://www.truckstop.net/support/C130-Driver.zip .

lspci reports: Ethernet controller: Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems: Unknown device 2120. I originally spotted this one on a support list for ndis under the Linksys brand.

  • NOTE: The website is gone, hopefully someone can provide a mirror*