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Safecom 54Mbps Wireless USB LAN

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Safecom 54Mbps Wireless USB LAN 802.11g+

  • Chipset: Texas Instruments tusb1150 - description may be incorrect - referred to as TNETW1150 elswhere.
  • usbid: 07b8:b21a
  • Driver: tusb1150.inf - available in Wireless utility folder after installation in XP


Folder contains both tusb_XP.sys, and tusb_9x.sys, so probably both also available after installation in 9x. I copied all files from folder to Linux. Used DSL-N (Damn Small Linux -Not - aug06 iso download), with installed ndiswrapper version (utils version 1.8, driver version 1.14). Kernel version 2.6.12, on 256Mb dell 505 laptop. Worked with WEP 128