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SMC SMCWUSBS-N3 EZ Connect™ N Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter

  • Chipset: Accton Technology Corp.
  • usbid: 083a:a701
  • Driver: [1]. I have tested: 11/09/2009 N/A EN 1815 kb SMCWUSBS-N3 Windows Driver
    • Direct download: [2].



It uses a module called rt3070. They provide a linux kernel module but it doesn't work out of the box. It's not easy to install, has Makefile errors... but at the end if works.

Ubuntu 10.04 64bits

Runs fine on Ubuntu 10.04 64bits, ndiswrapper 1.56, WPA enabled

ndiswrapper -i DRV_SMCWUSBS-N3_Windows/WINX64/rt2870.inf
ndiswrapper -a 083a:a701 rt2870
modprobe -r ndiswrapper 
modprobe ndiswrapper