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Netgear WG311v2

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Netgear WG311 v2 54Mbps Wireless Interface

Native driver at acx_pci from acx100.sf.net


ndiswrapper 1.2-2

Windows drivers: (both WEP and WPA) from http://kbserver.netgear.com/release_notes/d102550.asp

I used Suse 10.0 but the link for Suse Professional 9.x works perfectly fine for 10.0 as well. It's even easier: before you start with the section 'Making wpa work', go to Yast and configure the wireless card for WEP or WPA. By clicking 'Next' Yast will install the necessary packages. Reboot and your done.

Drivers: (WEP & WPA) from http://kbserver.netgear.com/support_details.asp?dnldID=770

Distros tried in: Mephis & Mandrake 10.1

Version of Ndiswrapper: 1.0 (Tested on 09/02/2005)

My WiFi AP: Billion 7500g ADSL Modem/Router/WiFi AP (802.11b/g)

My setup: I have been having the iwconfig not accepting my WiFi essid problem since the release of ndiswrapper 9 (version 8 have no issues), yesterday I decide to have another crack in it, using both knoppix and mephis as my test distro, but the problem still there, suddenly I decide to change my WiFi WEP(64) encryption method from restricted to open, and BINGO!!! It accept my essid without a problem. Then I test on the MDK 10.1 if you need any help, you can find me at www.whirlpool.net.au <Yueh> or stevenyu24@gmail.com.