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Netgear WG111

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NETGEAR WG111 802.11g Wireless USB2.0 Adapter

  • Chipset: Prism54 (Intersil 3886 and NetChip NET2280)
  • usbid: 0846:4240 (both#*Chipsets !) some other variant using 0846:4220 reported
  • Driver: Netgear windows driver Version: NETGEAR, Inc.,10/05/2004, 2.1 from http://www.netgear.com or shipped with the setup CD. To get the driver, unzip it. The ndis drivers are in the ndis directory. Used kernel Running Slackware v10.1 (kernel 2.6.10) ndiswrapper ver 1.1rc3 . There is a native driver for Prism54 that is working on USB support. View its status at Prism54.org


NOTE: There seems to be some confusion because Netgear stuffed up their labels but according to Netgear's website v1 is for Netgear_WG111 and v2 is for Netgear_WG111v2

Tested with the driver for Sitecom WL-142, this device supports WPA2, keeps the device "alive" (with driver from netgear, device stops working after a while) and correct some connection problem

Note that the device ID for Sitecom is different, so you need to create alias for it for WG111, e.g., with 'ndiswrapper -d 0846:4240 wlanuig', after which 'ndiswrapper -l' should show 'hardware present'.

Works nearly well (several daily crashes in Summer 2005). Distro-specific: Debian Sarge, Ndiswrapper 0.10 Distro-specific: Debian Sid 2.6.8.X, Ndiswrapper 0.12+1.0rc2-1, without rfmon Other project without ndiswrapper : http://jbnote.free.fr/prism54usb/ (seems incomplete in january 2006 - not supporting WEP or WPA)

  • Chipset:  ? (Intersil 3887 without NetChip NET2280)

  • Distro-specific: Ubuntu 4.10 The Warty Warthog
  • Driver: Netgear windows driver Version: NETGEAR, Inc.,06/04/2004, shipped with the setup CD

""ndiswrapper -l"" produces ""hardware not present"" for the ""netwg111"" driver, but the adapter works anyway

Using Windows XP driver from Windows Update / preinstalled?, Version: Taken from Windows directory (XP full pathname: right-click Device Manager's Netgear icon, Properties, Driver details)

ndiswrapper 1.5. athlon-xp, (preempt=yes,smp=yes). Reboot was necessary to get lights a-blinkin. Logging claimed modprobe error -22 until after reboot. Currently misconfigured with setting tx_power failed (80000005) but hope to resolve.

ndiswrapper snapshot as of 6th April 2006 (earlier versions don't work reliably with SMP). Athlon 64 x2 in 32-bit mode (preempt=yes,smp=yes). Label says WG111v2, but it's a WG111v1 as far as the Netgear website is concerned (the ""v2"" driver is presumably for the version with usbid 0846:6a00). Initialization occasionally fails for no reason.

For 0846:4220 variant

Works well. To get the driver, use cabextract on the .exe, then unshield on the data1.cab. WPA-PSK TKIP worked with wpa-supplicant 0.2.4. Used kernel SuSE 2.6.5-7.104-default. The driver locked the machine when connected to an OHCI controller, but worked fine with EHCI, on a SiS 650 chipset. TCP throughput was apx 7Mbps, which is low, but CPU usage was not maxed out as it is under windows XP on test machine. ndiswrapper is CVS top of tree from 23rd August 2004. There is a native driver for Prism54 that is working on USB support. View its status at Prism54.org As same as you read above, but I use Fedora 3 with Kernel 2.6.11-14. Use ndiswrapper version 1.1 from 5rd March 2005. I work with beta-driver from Netgear (WG111 SW1-2 Beta 13) in managed mode with no encryption. Encryction (WEP) doesn't work on my machine (Gericom X5 Force) yet, but I am still working on it. Try to configure via system-config-network (the fedora gui) with hotplugd started, so you can plug in and work. Attention!!! don't activate the item ""active on boot"" because hotplug doesn't run at boot-time.",