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Netgear MA521

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Netgear MA521

  • Chipset: RTL8180 FCC_ID: PY3MA521
  • Driver: RTL8180L - Use the ndis5x-8180(xxx).zip driver. (NOT NETGEAR DRIVER! NETGEAR DRIVER UNSTABLE!! -- Seconded: The Netgear driver caused my machine to drop interrupts)


Works well even with DHCP on SUSE 9.0 Pro. 128 bit wep, managed mode. Will be trying WPA/PEAP/MSCHAP v 2 sometime later on. Check http://hastingswireless.homeip.net/index.php?page=articles&number=2004.11.22 for information. Ubuntu Hoary: Working with Ndiswrapper 1.1 - see http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SetupNdiswrapperHowto