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Linksys WUSB600N

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Linksys WUSB600N Version 2

  • Chipset: Ralink RT3572
  • usbid: 1737:0079
  • driver: Ralinktech.com driver file: USB (RT2870 /RT2770 /RT307X /RT2070 /RT3572) 09/25/09 XP 32/64


Driver did not work. Bad pointer de-reference issues kernal OOPS. Kernel version 2.6.31, compiled from source. ndiswrapper version 1.55 downloaded from Sourceforge download page, compiled without issue. Device was "recognized", wlan0 created, but device otherwise unable to accept configuration commands.


Device shows signs of life under Unbuntu 9.1 (ndiswrapper 1.55/kernel 2.6.31-15). Device will connect and transfer data, in unsecured mode, "out of the box". Best to boot with device connected, and leave it there, else interface may hang. Haven't, yet, been able to establish a secured connection, but did notice that fiddling with thing may also cause the interface to hang. Once hung, a reboot is required to restore operation.

Ok, over the last week I've discovered the device is simply flaky. At times it will connect to my WEP2 access point, other times it won't (but if I un-secure the access point, it will). No other configuration changes were made in the meantime. Also, the device always dies after a couple of minutes/hours, having it been used since re-boot, or not. ndiswrapper hangs and only a reboot will resurrect it.

This device is reported to work but very unreliable.