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Linksys WUSB54GSv2

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Linksys WUSB54GSv2 802.11b/g, USB 2.0

  • Chipset: Broadcom - BCM4320SKFBG
  • usbid: 13b1:0014
  • Driver: You can install this driver by either of the following two methods.


Method1: The driver for this RNDIS card doesn't include two .sys files required (usb8023k.sys and rndismpk.sys or usb8023x.sys and rndismpx.sys), as they are part of Windows installation and don't need to be installed in Windows. However, other drivers for different cards based on RNDIS include these .sys files.

One is Belkin F5D7051uk. You can install this driver with BCMRNDIS.INF, which installs the required .sys files. You then need to inform ndiswrapper that this driver, bcmrndis, should be used for usbid of WUSB54GSv2 (13b1:0014), by executing

ndiswrapper -d 13b1:0014 bcmrndis

Method2: Used the inf file from the CD, and the .SYS files from usr5420 available at www.usr.com http://www.usr-emea.com/support/s-prod-template.asp?loc=unkg&prod=5420 . Used snapshot from 13/02/2006, along with the usr system files that i had to install on a windows machine to extract. Then copied the wusb54gs.inf and wusb54gsv2.inf to the folder with the sys files - the wusb54gs.inf worked seamlessly with my device on the snapshot.!