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Hercules HWGum-54

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Hercules Wireless G USB Ultra-mini (HWGum-54)


To use the actually necessary driver files I had to do following on a Windows XP box (a first attempt with a Windows 7 box failed [obviously Windows 7 NDIS <> Windows XP NDIS]):

  • install the downloaded "WifiStation V" following the given instructions (especially plugging in the usb device when being told)
    • BUT stopping BEFORE pressing the final "complete" button
    • MEANWHILE follow these next steps:
  • look into the 2 newest directories inside local temp directory (navigate to %temp% in Windows Explorer, there are several directories named similar to {A207675D-8B08-4EBC-AE7A-CDE7892B9EFF} and examine those with the most recent creation date)
  • in one of those there are the needed 3 files: net8192su.inf, rtl8192su.sys and net8192su.cat (I don't know whether the cat file is actually essential ...)
  • copy the found files to an USB stick
  • THEN complete installation of the WiFiStation by pushing the complete button (and in my case: I immediately un-installed the ugly WiFiStation.
  • the three files copied can be used to install the device in ndiswrapper (in my case: with ndisgtk) after plugging in the device

Another note to installation of ndisgtk with ndiswrapper in current Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx): I had a (known) apt problem when I tried to install ndisgtk with ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 from the current installation CDROM. apt's dependency management is buggy when used exclusively with installation CDROM (without an internet connection). To work around this bug one can install successive (each package singly!) ndiswrapper, ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 and at last ndisgtk. (Why do I mention this? I had to install Ubuntu 10.04 without LAN access.

I only had the installation CD. Maybe other users have the same problem (internet access only via WLAN - that has to be installed first)