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DickSmith XH8227

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Dick Smith XH8227, 54mbps (house brand repackaged from unknown vendor)

  • Chipset: NET2280 USB 2.0 to PCI Bridge, Intersil ISL3880 Wireless LAN
  • usbid: 09aa:1000
  • Driver: Cdrom, WinXP driver included with adaptor. Driver is PRISMA02.sys.


Tested with Ubuntu 5.04, kernel 2.6.10-5-386. Worked immediately with the ndiswrapper (1.0 something) included with Ubuntu. WPA works with wpa_supplicant. Upgraded kernel to 2.6.10-5-k7 and ndiswrapper 1.2 - no longer worked (error on modprobe of "windows driver couldn't initialize the device"). Problem is highmem support and USB device (known problem as of August '05). Workaround was to boot Ubuntu with mem=900mb as an option in GRUB.