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D-Link DWL-G122 rev F1

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D-Link DWL-G122, Hardware Version: F1 (rev F1)


Well, I tried ndiswrapper at first, using the original windows driver provided with the product. It did seem to work at first, displaying the device, allowing me to scan and connect and all, but kept reconnecting, and failed altogether after a while, meaning that it won't successfully connect to any wifi network. Also, the LED indicator on the device (which should be a steady green when connected) flashed very slowly, indicating an endless loop of reconnects.

Later the day, I came across a tutorial aimed at the device, providing a means of using the linux driver provided by the chipset manufacturer. The original link is 'http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=323374' (WARNING: It is in Chinese). Once the compiled kernel modules is loaded, the device works perfectly, except the signal strength kept switching between "Excellent" and "Poor" when in fact it is "Poor".