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D-Link DWL-520+

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D-Link Airplus DWL 520+

  • Chipset: ACX100
  • pciid: 104c:8400
  • Driver: Windows drivers from http://www.dlink.com/ . "Native" acx100 Linux driver available at http://lisas.de/~andi/acx100/ ; requires Firmware from Windows drivers. Please read README for details. Windows driver is exactly the same as for DWL-650+


Works Perfectly with Ndiswrapper 1.1 in Ad-Hoc mode ( 2005.05.12 ). Howto: Craig's ACX100/111 Guide for Linux http://www.houseofcraig.net/acx100_howto.php

See Trendnet_TEW-301PC