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CNet Wireless-G CWP-854

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CNet Wireless-G CWP-854


Using Kubuntu 9.04

To be able to get the driver (.inf) from the download, I had to install it on a Windows-machine, and then find the driver in:

C:/Windows/Program Files/RALINK/RT6x Wireless LAN Card/Installer/WINXP

Maybe possible to find the driver that way using WINE.

Tried to use cabextract, unshield etc, but could only find the .inf file this way.

Then the only thing I had to do was to add the .inf file in "ndisgtk", and blacklist the rt2500pci driver which is the kernel default.

The reason I chose to try ndiswrapper was because the rt2500pci kernel driver sucks for my card (goes to 1 Mb/s on auto and then I get like 8 Kb/s, have to force it to 54 Mb/s, and then I get around 2 Mb/s max, but the biggest problem was that it disconnected all the time, and I tried all encryptions and channels, and it was really sensitive to what channel I used with no other networks nearby). The kernel driver (then called rt2500) worked fine some years ago when I bought it. Ndiswrapper works 100% perfect so far. Better signal strength, does not disconnect at all, and goes automatically to 54 Mb/s, even though I am far away from the AP. Great!