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Belkin F9L1101v1

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F9L1101 N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter


The driver installation disk that comes with the N600 should be used to install the bcmwlhigh5.inf driver. I have not tried the setup.exe. Instead, I mounted the disk on my iMac, changed directories to the InstallationFiles/drivers and zipped the xp directory. I then transferred the resulting xp.zip file to my MSI U100 netbook, and unzipped the xp.zip folder. I followed this procedure since I do not have a CD-ROM drive on my netbook. Of course, if you can mount the disk on your machine, zipping and unzipping the directory is not needed. Run sudo ndisgtk, browse to the (unzipped) xp folder, select bcmwlhigh5.inf and install the driver. It worked for me under Ubuntu 11.04.