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Belkin F5D7050b

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Belkin F5D7050B (USB 2.0 Adaptor 802.11b/g 54Mbps) (”version 3000uk” only tested at this time)

  • Chipset: RT73
  • usbid: 050d:705A
  • Driver: Install the drivers for windows included in the box and fetch the .inf files from the installation directory. Copied all three files rt73.inf, rt73.sys, and rt73.cat.


Works fine with WPA(PSK-TKIP) using wpa_supplicant on ubuntu 6.06 with ndiswrapper driver. Will freeze the system if removed without ifdown and/or ifconfig down on the device, and even then sometimes. Even though WPA works, I have not yet managed to succeed in using with WEP!

On Memphis, works fine with WEP 128 bit encryption to Belkin AP/router, would like to use WPA! Worked with ndiswrapper already installed in MEPIS which was downloaded from MEPIS site Nov 28th 2006.