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Belkin F5D7000 rev03

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Belkin 54g Wireless Desktop Network Card (F5D7000) Rev 03


I tried to use the belkin driver (bcmwl5.inf) but the whole system just locked up as soon as I modprobed ndiswrapper. Apparently the belkin driver works for the older rev 02 cards, but not rev 03. So I’m suggesting this for folks with the Rev 03 card. You can check the revision by doing a “lspci” The Dell driver has been working great for me, for about a day.

The rev.03 problem is probably not all that sinister. It is caused by the presence of the NetworkType|0 line which ends up in the*.conf files (from the *.inf driver file). Removing this allows the supplied Belkin driver to work, although I’d probably recommend using the Dell R81433.exe driver anyway if only because it’s a later version. For non-US users you may wish to edit the Channel parameter to be 13 (Europe) (or 14 in Japan?). Applies to both PCMCIA and PCI versions (F5D7000 and F5D7010).