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Belkin F5D7000UK

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Belkin 54g Wireless Desktop Network Card (F5D7000UK)

  • Chipset: Broadcom BCM4306
  • pciid: 14e4:4320
  • Driver: Standard Belkin driver on their CD. File is BCMWL5.INF

  • Chipset: Realtek RTL8185L ver. 7200
  • pciid: 1799:700f (Belkin Unknown device 700f (rev 20))
  • Driver: Ndiswrapper 1.45, driver from CD - blkwgdv7

Info on Broadcom variant

Just added this so that people know that the UK variation can be used. I used the standard belkin driver, but you need to install it to somewhere in windows to extract the relevant sys and inf files. Works like a charm with fedora core 2 and fedora core 3 (though with fc3 you will need to download the kernel source rpm as it doesn’t come with the standard package).

Finally works on my system (the card says “version 1133uk”, Debian woody, kernel 2.4.28, ndiswrapper 0.11, Dell drivers, hand-compiled wirless-tools v27). Here are a few hints if you’re having trouble:

  1. try different combinations of ndiswrapper version and driver (Belkin, Dell).
  2. make sure wireless extension version of your wireless-tools matches the one of ndiswrapper (Debian woody wireless-tools were too old, iwconfig wouldn’t work), see http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/Tools.htm for more information.
  3. wireless won’t work if your machine also has another network card connected to the same network.

Works like a charm on this Mandrake 10.1 system here, I was very pleasantly surprised. Just followed the instructions in the docs and it worked! Used the Mandrake configuration tools for wireless network setup (Control Centre → Network & Internet → Manage Connections, select the wireless card).

Info on Ralink variant

Debian stable Sarge (2.4.27-2-386) works a treat. I followed the “InstallDebianSarge” instructions which were great. In the end however, I didn’t need the “Install latest Ndiswrapper” section as version 1.1 comes already available. Also, needed unzip utility (apt-get install unzip). Cheers!.

Info on Realtek variant

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), but installed under 7.04 by uninstalling supplied version using instructions on this site, and installing latest version. Didn’t work properly (crashed system) until upgrade, so suspect kernel issues. Now using 2.6.22-14.

Jim reports, I can't get this card to work, as it spawns a mp_reset:62 message every few seconds and freezes the system. I've tried it in Ubuntu Intrepid and Jaunty and it works in neither.

--- Driver: blkwgdv (F5D7000 Driver Version 7 from Belkin web site) ndiswrapper version: 1.58

Update This card was causing a system lock up but I managed to get it working.

Firstly, I updated my Linux kernel to the most recent one available to me (in my case a Debian Squeeze backported kernel) and downloaded the the testing version of ndiswrapper.

If you are getting a system lock (you may also be seeing \'alternate driver: rtl8180\' when you run \'ndiswrapper -l\'), then blacklist the rtl8180 kernel module. That should put a stop to the crashing.

If it still isn\'t working (even though the driver might appear to be installed properly in ndiswrapper), first run \'ndiswrapper -v\' and make sure it isn\'t complaining about the wrong utils version. Then, work through this excellent ndiswrapper troubleshooting guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=885847

Those were the steps that I followed and should hopefully help others.