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Belkin F5D6001

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Belkin 802.11b Wireless Desktop Network Card (F5D6001) (PCI)


This PCI card works with ndiswrapper v0.10 when you use RTL8080 driver, not Belkin driver. The PCIID of this card is different from Realtek driver’s supported PCIID, so you need to tell ndiswrapper to use realtek driver for 1799:6001. So execute “ndiswrapper -d 1799:6001 net8180”. Now make sure ndiswrapper got it right by checking the output “ndiswrapper -l”. It should print “net8180 driver present, hardware present”.

Other: Card also works using (173).zip driver, with Ndiswrapper 1.7 on 2.6.15-rc7 and 1.8 on 2.6.15 (with 4K stacks!) on a debian box.