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Asus P5GD2

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Asus P5GD2 Premium Motherboard

  • Chipset: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88W8310 and 88W8000G [Libertas] 802.11g client chipset (rev 07)
  • Device ID: 11ab:1fa7
  • Driver: from driver cd


Installed with the original driver that is in the CD. The driver that is in the ASUS webpage did not work.

I can list the wifis are in my neighborhood and join but 5 minutes later the system freezes.

Works only with ndiswrapper 1.0. With newer versions of ndiswrapper, There is a kernel panic when we set the SSID

If you use windows 2k driver ndiswrapper works fine: if you use this driver, with newer versions of ndiswrapper it's all ok: there isn't a kernel panic when we set essid. You have to rename "mv MRVK8A50.sys mrvk8a51.sys" and install mrvk8a51.inf

Driver (64-bit): ASUS Windows XP x64 WiFi-g Driver [ ftp://ftp.asus.com/pub/asus/lan/wifi-g/ ]

Other (64-bit): Works with ndiswrapper 1.2 and ASUS 64-bit wifi-g driver on Gentoo Linux with 2.6.13 kernel. I haven't tested other ndiswrapper versions or configurations.