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Alfa AWUS036H

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Alfa awus036h


The native linux rtl8187 driver, which loads automatically with this device, continually loses network connectivity particularly with large file transfers. I've tried it with Debian testing, Debian unstable, Arch, and PCLOS, and had similar results with all installations. I couldn't find a proprietary Linux driver for a kernel later than 3.3. The alfanetwork download includes a folder for windows xp x86 driver. It contains two .inf files: net8187b.inf and Netrtuw.inf, and two .sys files: rtl8187.sys and rtl8187B.sys. A combination of net8187b.inf and rtl8187B.sys doesn't work. A combination of Netrtuw.inf and rtl8187.sys works perfectly. (I tried each combination by copying just the .inf and .sys files to a separate folder and installing the .inf file into ndiswrapper.) Strong, fast connection and no loss of connectivity even with very large file transfers. I had to blacklist the linux rtl8187 driver to keep it from automatically reloading. I'm using 3.4.52-pclos1 kernel.